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Our trading robot is a powerful tool in the cryptocurrency market, that is simple to use, without complications and generating significant results in trading.

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Our real-time signal robot will be simple to operate on the CRYPTOCURRENCY market.

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Common questions

1What are signals and how do we receive them?
Basically, the signals are sent to our robot, which aims to indicate in which direction you should trade, buying and selling orders. This type of information is made and sent by professional traders hired for this purpose.
2How do we pay to use the Robot?
We do not charge any fees for the use of Aegon Robot. We receiving our commissions through credits.
3How to generate credit?
Simply send BTC to the system in the indicated area.
4How is my account charged?
We charge a percentage of your earnings for the entire Positive operation.
5Does the Robot work without credit?
NO, when your account does not have available credit, the Robot stops operating automatically.
6Can I Redeem this Credit?
YES, this credit can be redeemed at any time.
7When I have indicated someone to buy the Robot, Do I receive commission?
YES, you earn 5% of your referrals profit. Ex: Your referrals Robot entered into an operation with USS 10 and left the operation with USS 50, there was a USS 40 profit, Aegon Robot pays him 5% of that profit. Profit from you referral is USS 40 x 5% = US $ 2. Let us say that before the operation of your referral you had USS 50 of Credit. At the end of the operation, your credit will be US $ 52
8Can the Robot remove my BTC’s from m y Exchange?
NO, Robot will never make any withdrawals from your account, it will only operate (so leave unchecked the RETURN when creating your API’s keys.
9If i need to remove the BTC’s or change for another currency from my Exchange will this cause the Robot to stop?
YES, the balance will have to be in the BTC portfolio, if you do not have sufficient balance the Robot will stop to operate.
10Does the Robot trade within my own exchange?
YES, The Robot utilizes a API to communicate with your exchange.